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Nous avons le plaisir d'accueillir Elsa Muro Sabater en qualité de doctorante invitée à l’IHPST durant 3 mois, jusqu’à mi-juillet, sous la responsabilité de Matteo Mossio. Elle vient de l’Université de Navarre en… [More about]

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Thursday, 01st January 1970, 01:00-01:00

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Schedule – Friday, 30th January 2015

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13, rue du Four
75006 Paris
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Fabrice Pataut

In charge of seminars


Former member (1997-04-01 – ?)
Chargé de recherches, CNRS

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Career path

Chargé de Recherches au CNRS, membre statutaire de l'IHPST.

Fabrice Pataut’s research is concerned with the realism vs. anti-realism debate in the philosophy of language, the philosophy of logic and the philosophy of mathematics. It is also concerned, although not primarily, with the extension of this debate to the case of ethics and the perception of secondary qualities.

Its purpose is to assess :

* the validity and correctness of arguments purporting to justify the replacement of the notion of truth by epistemic notions such as formal provability, either effective or in principle, in the case of logic and mathematics, and increasing (or decreasing) verifiability, either effective or in principle, in the empirical case
* the validity and correctness of arguments purporting to deny the applicability of the truth predicate : (II-a) to evaluative statements reporting the occurrence of allegedly non-cognitive attitudes, and : (II-b) to statements reporting the occurrence of secondary qualities.

In a more recent period, this research has also been concerned with holism and analyticity. In the first case, the purpose is to defend a moderate and asymetrical form of semantic holism. In the second, the purpose is to analyze in detail the notion(s) of analyticity at stake in both Carnap and Quine.

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URL :,fabrice_pataut.html

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